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Argh sooooo excited, myself and [personal profile] somnolentblue  have been given our reveal date for our pod-together project. It's going to be this Wednesday, god I'm bouncing off the walls at the moment, just can't wait until it's out there!!

Had so much fun doing this and working with Blue was an absolute pleasure, hope this may not be the last time we will ever work together! Now it's time to try finish off my SamDean-OTP mini bang and all the bingo fills, I have signed myself up to. Contemplating on joining spnslash big bang but we shall see, got so much writing to do as it is and I am heading into my honours year at Uni so going to be busy with that :)

So yep that's me done with this entry, just had to get it out there about the podfic and I will be posting on communities to tell everyone about it. Will also be posting on this and LJ with the links for it.